A storm is gathering.

Wisps of smoke, dark and potent, dot the horizon. A thunderous noise – like a million, galloping horses – fills the heavens. Shadowy figures move about the edges of the Evernight Glades – inspiring stories and rumours that the dreaded Shaduin have once again returned.

Fearful of these omens, the eight kingdoms of the Broken Tablet have convened a special meeting in the ancient hall of the Magebound Tree – the once great Tree of Life, split by dark energies when the soil was poisoned and turned to cracked earth, and sustained through the unnatural application of arcane magicks. There the kings will witness firsthand as the tree splinters and cracks, straining the magickal locks which bind two twisted limbs as one. When the tree splits fully in two, the storm will break, and the world will be at its end.

But our story begins elsewhere, tucked away in a quiet valley of seeming unimportance, where an adventuring group is about to take their first steps towards greatness…

The Magebound Tree