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Here are some links that may prove useful:

 4e online java-based character generator –

          The above website seems functionally sound…the only thing I came across to watch out for are the  illegitamite stacking of feat bonuses – i.e. taking a feat that gives +2 to init and another feat that grants +1 to init; the bonuses do not stack…you only gain the benefit from the higher value feat.


6/10/2008 Update:  Dragonborn have been removed as a playable race.

The Feywild has been renamed as the Aether or Aethereal Realm; functionally it is the same…a dreamlike dimension and home to Fey creatures; it also borders the Shadowfell, and where the two planes meet are nightmares born.

The aethereal realm also harkens back to the ethereal plane featured in earlier D&D cosmology; chunks of earth floating like islands amidst a smokey atmosphere.

Only where the Aether and the Shadowfell meet do the mists turn dark and churn with turbulance; travellers of the aethereal realm who have slipped into this violent region have never been seen again…devoured by the mists…

The Eladrin power "Feystep" is renamed "Aethereal Jaunt"

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