The Magebound Tree

More Setting Details

I've updated the "wiki" page of this website with some brief notes regarding dragonborn and the feywild.  I'll probably update that periodically, but I think I'll leave that page focused on rulings/game mechanics, and use these threads for story, setting, and all IC (in character) commentary.

It's been 18 years since the fall of the Caraethian Empire.  This human imperium had been the greatest world power known, having been responsible for bringing elves and dwarves together in unity, dissolving centuries of feuding and hatred.  In addition, the Caraethian Empire ruled 2/3rds of the known world, sharing their knowledge with all of their citizens, establishing roads and vast trade routes, building schools and providing jobs and education for everyone.

But no empire can last forever; internal feuding distracted the central courts, while an army spread too thin sought to ward off the evils of untamed lands – from monstrous ork clans to wild, barbaric tribes.  And when the elves and dwarves broke their ties to the empire some 50 years ago, each to deal with "personal matters", it left the empire to stand alone against a rising darkness…the dread forces of the Shaduin.

These agents of the Shadowfell wielded limitless power of a dark and infernal nature.  Their ability to infiltrate and corrupt those they came in contact with made them truly deadly foes; and their command of the foul undead – the Fell Armies of the Nameless One, The King Who Crawls – made their armies practically unstoppable.

But the humans held their ground, and kept the vile Shaduin at bay.  Powerful wizards established wards to banish the fell armies and their masters…to seal off mighty rifts which existed between this dimension and the Plane of Shadow; but all of the efforts were temporary; nothing could protect the world forever.  The war dragged on, and the Empire abandoned its furthest provinces, leaving vast lands with no ruler and no standing army.

And no means to protect themselves.

What became of the great Caraethian Empire is still uncertain amongst the people of the outlying lands.  Rumours of barbarian hordes reaching as far into the Empire as the Capitol of Carthas – rumours of Carthas burning to the ground – are rather common.  What is known is this; it has been 18 years since any delegate, servant, citizen, or soldier has come into the region.  Caraethia is no doubt dead and gone.

Leaving the world to await the arrival of a new Master…





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